texas axis deer giveaway

We are giving away a FREE Axis Buck hunt for next year!! To be entered for the drawing  follow these easy steps.

1) Purchase any item(s)  from the store or from us in person at a   show or 3D-Shoot

2) Receive 1 raffle ticket for an item purchased.

      Receive 5 raffle tickets for 3 items purchased.

      Receive 10 raffle tickets for any Canyon Cooler purchased.

Winner will be drawn at the end of the 2019 Rocky Mountain Hunter Christmas in Las Vegas, NV. 

Hunt includes:

3 days at the lodge

All meals

1 - Axis Buck

Unlimited wild hogs and predators

Pack Em' Out Apparel swag bag

Nick Escobedo, owner and operator of Rogue Hunts, will be there to assist with the hunt. 


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